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I draw my inspiration from nature.
Growing up in Michigan with the gifts of the changing seasons has always provided a beautiful canvas. My parents encouraged art with “Busy boxes” filled with art supplies. At a young age you could find me searching in a button tin, photo basket or junk drawer. I would pack a sack lunch, art supplies, favorite Indian blanket and head out into the meadow to create. As a young woman I spent 20 years owning a busy Fashion store, squeezing in art and business classes. My work is now created with the outdoor spirit and nature I craved as a child and the wisdom earned as an adult. It has always been my nature to put a calm happy creative spirit into my art work. In the end, that is what I hope to give to others with my art.
I create art in Michigan, from a home studio in woods or at Sweetpea Cottage by the lake,
often working with Clay, Glass, Metals, Textiles, Watercolors, Collage, Photography...and of course natures gifts. 

My hands and spirit create beautiful objects of art; it is a pleasure to be able to share these gifts.           
Jannett Prusik artisan of Sweetpea Cottage Pottery

Sweetpea Cottage Pottery


Functional Pottery Creations

Little Bird Series